Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simplicity 4076

Remember my making this before? I had cut the right side (or left) out twice instead of one of each and so half the shirt is always inside out. Most people would consider it a wadder and toss it, but the knit is super comfy and so I've been wearing it as pajamas...a lot.

After making this first shirt, I had cut out another, this time correctly, but only got around to sewing it yesterday.

(I'm not angry. I'm not sure why I look that way.)

Unfortunately, I have stopped breastfeeding since then and so have lost four inches off my chest. I was going to make this smaller, but laying it out there was no way that those giant circles were not going to be in an inconvenient place. So it was made as is and it still works, but it reveals more cleavage than even normally and hangs funny a bit under the arms, but it is still better than almost all RTW and I am a little short on clothing that fits better (note the skirt in the picture which I made while pregnant with the nerdlet but am still wearing due to a shortage of summer skirts and shorts - note that but try to ignore Darth Baby's gift on the skirt).

I think reading Australian sewing blogs is adversely affecting me as I have traced out a (BS) Burda Style jacket. I probably won't be making it for a while, but I'm really happy with the tissue paper fitting. I do wonder if I need a new way of making an FBA, since all the ones I've seen lower the bust point and usually that is too low to begin with (due to being extremely short torsoed not from being overly perky). I use the Palmer and Pletsch method mostly for my FBAs.

What I want to make are the jacket or matching dresses for my girls, but after a finishing a few more pillowcases, I will definitely be working on more me clothing.

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