Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Liam's Adoption/Tastefully Simple Party Plug

As my readers know, my sister has agree to donate 100% of the profits of an online catalog Tastefully Simple party to Liam's adoption. What a deal - buy and enjoy gourmet food and feel good about helping save an orphan. Amy, the mother, has three other boys with Down syndrome, one of which is an adult, so she knows what people with Down syndrome are capable of. You can view her blog about her family here.

Today I made the beer bread, both regular and whole wheat (I just had to compare) and the potato cheddar soup.
I chose the Corona because it was one of the few I could just buy one of and I figured I could melt the bottle in the Kiln.

Oh, how I wish you could smell this picture.

Both beer breads are awesome. You can see in the picture that the wheat bread didn't rise as much and I was afraid it was going to be dense and awful, like wheat breads used to be in the past, but the flavors were incredibly similar, with the wheat having that nutty tastes that wheat breads are supposed to have, but still being sweet and airy. My house smelled like beer and I was thinking the whole time the bread was cooking that I should have used a soda or something other than beer, but the taste of both of the loaves was really good. I'm not really a drinker and I really dislike beer, but I heartily recommend these breads.

As for the soup, I'm not really a cheese soup fan and so this soup isn't really my thing. It IS much better than the dehydrated potato soups that I've tried from the grocery store, and I certainly like it enough to eat it, but it isn't good enough to convert me to choosing a cheese soup over something else. In short, buy the beer breads!

To order any of these or the biscuits from this post, go to Tastefully Simple and list me 'Kimberly Hughes' as the host and my sister will make sure the profits are directed to Liam's adoption. This party is going to run until August 15th. My suggestion is to order a few things you like to try now (most of it is great party food), then you will still have time to order again more of the things you really like before the donations are closed for this adoption.

As always you can skip the party food and donate directly to his adoption here, and donations are tax deductible.

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