Saturday, July 9, 2011

Knit Skirt Copy of Ready to Wear

My sister asked me to copy a RTW skirt that she has had for a decade and a top that she has had for two. I copied the skirt last weekend while I was visiting my mom. I didn't have my serger and so I used french seams for the entire skirt which is why it is a little wavy. This also resulted in the waist seam being stretched out some, but since it has a drawstring waist, it isn't too big a deal. The RTW skirt had pockets which my sister asked me not to put in, but I liked the detail so I went ahead a put the seam on the sides without the pockets.

Here is the skirt.

It is made of mostly rectangles and trapezoids and if anyone is interested in duplicating it, here are the dimensions without seam allowances.
waist band 3" x 40"
tie 68" x 1.5"
front piece 14" x 16"
back piece 14" x 17"
top sides 6" x 8"
bottom sides (here is the trapzoid) top 6", bottom 6.5", front 8", back 9"

My sewcation is going well. I traced off Simplicity 2369 and made a top and and dress from the pattern, which I will post later. I sew and serge standing up and spending all day going from tracing on the floor to cutting and sewing standing up has been really hard on my back. I'm hoping to make the top mentioned above and some shorts for me tomorrow, but we'll see how sore I am tomorrow (and how soon Q is coming back with the girls).

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