Sunday, July 10, 2011

Simplicity 2369 and a RTW Copy of a Top

My sewcation is almost over and I ended up making 5 separate items of two patterns.

The first was a top and a dress from Simplicity 2369. I really love this pattern. I feel like it's flattering and I like the way it feels on me.

The second pattern that I made was the copy of the RTW top that my sister requested. I made the one in green for me to make sure that it worked. Then I practiced using my new finger removal tool by stacking fabric to cut to make two more. The black one is for my sister. Even though they are the same size, the yellow and black fabric is much tighter as it doesn't stretch as much.

It's much more flattering on my sister, who is five inches taller than me, but I think it is somewhat becoming on me, too. I didn't get any of the shorts made yet that I had planned, but I do have a number of patterns traced from Ottobre and Burda for when I have an opportunity I'm missing Q and the girls terribly and can't wait for them to walk through the door.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    The tops are lovely and I really like the dress, the print is beautiful.. love the teal, purples & cream colors. I have that pattern but keep putting it to the side... time to push it up on the to sew list.