Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Greenling Again

I know that I said that I wasn't going to order a local box from Greenling again, but I lied. This is actually my fourth one. I just love the fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to my door, and my sister stated it perfectly when she said it is like food tasted when we were little. It tastes like it is supposed to taste. My sister and I used to get in trouble because we would eat the stuff out of the garden and farm at my grandparents, and these fruits and vegetables taste like that did. Also it is getting me to eat stuff that I wouldn't normally buy and I'm reveling in it. If you live in the area covered by Greenling, I can't recommend it enough.

The box as I opened it.

Purslane. I will be making a green smoothie out of this after I taste it. I've been meaning to try it but unwilling to butcher my beautiful purslane out front.

Blueberries. The nerdlet grabbed these right away so that I could wash them and she is snacking on them right now. I've learned that when I open the box, she is expecting to eat something out of it right away. I disappointed her last week.


Basil. I think it's spicy globe basil. When I opened the box, the smell of the fresh basil hit me and it was divine. I'll be using this with the tomatoes and picking up some fresh mozzarella, I think.

New potatoes.

Figs. My mom loves these. I'll definitely save some for her.


Nectarines. I love nectarines. I could eat all four of these in one sitting.

Yellow bell pepper. I'm thinking of picking up some chorizo and combining it with some of the onions and peppers and having breakfast burritos all week.

Eggplants. I'm thinking some baba ghanouj, but that still leaves a lot of eggplant. I'll be researching recipes, I guess, unless anyone has any suggestions.

I do have a coupon code for people trying it for the first time, KIMHUG241, but I think it isn't stackable with the one you get from their website and their coupon is better, but I'm posting it just in case anyone tries it.

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  1. I make a good eggplant casserole!

    Peel 2 large eggplants and cut into chunks. Boil in salt water until soft. Drain and press excess water out of eggplant. Add
    1 sleeve saltine crackers, crushed
    2 cups shredded sharp cheddar
    1 Tbsp. onion powder
    1 tsp. garlic powder
    1 tsp. black papper
    1 pound diced ham

    Mix together, and put into a 9x13" pan. Top with some extra grated cheese and cover with foil. Bake at 350 for thirty minutes, uncover, and cook uncovered until cheese on top melts. It makes great leftovers, too!