Friday, July 29, 2011

Project Runway

I watched my first episode of Project Runway last night. How are they on season 9? Have they run more than one a year or has it really been that long since I watched tv? I realize that it could be both. After all, I am watching Buffy and Angel for the first time.

I was surprised by quite a few things. First that I really liked it. I really like sewing and I love art, so you would think I would be into fashion, but I'm really not. I never have been. My style likely has always been best described as creative nerd and that began way before nerds were at all remotely popular.

Second, I was surprised that I liked a lot of the designs. I don't know what I expected, but I guess a lot of runway fashions have really struck me as awful in the past and so I supposed that all the fashions I would see would be like that, over-the-top and unwearable. I loved Bert's dress and if I had that model's body I would totally wear that, even in those colors (though I'd probably prefer slightly different fabrics).

Third, I did not expect that my husband would have such strong ideas about fashion. Seriously, I know that everyone would be surprised by this not just me. After all, this is the man that cares so little about clothing that if I don't turn his shirts inside right before putting them in his closet, he will wear them inside out and not notice. BTW, he like Julie's top that she made and was completely surprised that I did not agree. Really, Q? Really??? At least he agreed that Rafael's design was by far the worst.

I did not expect that Heidi Klum would be so mean. I don't mean just with her criticism, but with the joy she seemed to take with delaying revealing the judges decisions. She also seemed pretty happy to bash on the designs.

I don't know much about fashion hosts or Christina Ricci, but really? That CR was one of the judges really surprised me. I don't know if anyone had told me that before and I just forgot or wasn't paying attention.

When I saw that Anya had no sewing experience, I was rooting for her immediately. I was surprised that the other designers were, too. I actually was surprised at how the designers seemed to be rooting for each other. I got the impression that these shows were all back stabby kind of shows and I didn't really get that. I also thought Tim was wonderful in the way he dealt with everyone.

I'd love to tell you a favorite that I'm rooting for, but I am intrigued by a number of them. I do love all the quirky personalities. I will say, it wouldn't disappoint me to see Laura go at all. Even before she made the 'speak foreign' comment, there was something that struck me wrong about her. Obviously it is petty of me to judge based on a comment and a feeling of superficiality instead of the design, but there it is. I didn't care for the outfit she designed, but I didn't hate it either, so it really is about how she came across.

Finally, I want to play with the tablet and whatever program they have on it. It looks like fun.

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