Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Where Have You Been Post

Last Sunday we baptized Darth Baby.

We had a gathering afterward with food from Tastefully Simple which I had planned to do a separate post on, but I didn't get pictures of the finished food before it started disappearing. I'll post about it in a bit, but there will be a definitely dearth of pictures.

Monday I started potty training the bear cub in force. Poor thing didn't know what hit her. She isn't showing any signs of readiness, but her sister didn't show very many (really only not being wet all the time) and she was potty trained in three days. I knew the bear cub wasn't going to be as easy, but I have a strong belief that if you miss your early window you have a child much older that is still struggling.

I'm using the same technique as I did with the nerdlet which is just to go cold turkey. In the morning, the diaper comes off (with my oldest we didn't do nighttime diapers so slightly different) and she goes on the potty, I entertain her until she goes the first time. Then we go to the potty every 10 to 15 minutes all day long with lots of praise when she gets it. I also offer lots of drinks, but Chloe isn't a big eater or drinker so she isn't really drinking any more than usual. That was pretty much all day all week. I've even been taking her out with panties. Today is day seven and we're at about a 50% on the potty 50% accident. Once we have a higher success rate, I'll move the time to longer between trying.

Bear is tired of potty training though. I put her on the potty and tell her to sign potty as I do it and instead she signs "I baby". She also went over to the diaper changing table and started pulling on the edge like she wanted up. Overall though, I think we're doing okay and she isn't really resisting going to sit even as often as we do it.

My mom and a lot of other people think I'm crazy and I know she isn't ready the way that is traditionally thought, but I have confidence she'll get it. It will just take longer. Of course, you also may see a post in three months that I'm finally giving up for a little bit. I am just that stubborn.


  1. Lovely Baptism! Keep up the potty training, I have a hunch that it will work. I read that in poorer countries where the toddlers don't wear diapers due to lack of income are potty trained very very young!

  2. Good luck with the potty training! My kids were both very easy to train, but I could never have done the stick-them-on-the-potty-at-regular-intervals thing---it would've been world war III, especially with the youngest. You couldn't even remind her at all---had to wait until she was dancing. I did have good luck with catching the first pee in the morning, but we were co-sleeping at that point so I was always aware of when they first, first woke up in the morning.

    My Grandma was very proud that all of her kids were potty-trained by 18 months; mine weren't trained until shortly after they were turned two. Of course, if I'd had to hand-wash cloth diapers every day, I would've had a lot more motivation... ;)