Sunday, December 11, 2011

2nd Sewcation 2011 part 2

Today was the second and last day of this sewcation. I made bags for the bear cub's therapists. I also made one for my sister. I wasn't planning on making one for her, but as I hadn't made one in a while, didn't have a pattern, and didn't want to mess up with the nicer fabric, I decided to make one out of the UT fabric as a trial run first.

I also started on making the Sanitizer totes, but I only got the fabric cut out and prepped. In the picture, you can see the other totes I made for the therapists.

For any of Q's or my immediate family, if you see a pattern you like, let me know so that I can give you that one. Otherwise, you'll get the one I choose as a best guess, except of course for my mom that will get the kitties (though I do have more kitty fabric so let me know if you like that one and I'll make another).

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