Friday, December 9, 2011

When Is It Acceptable?

I went to Wal-mart today on the way home from Katie's 4 year appt at the doctor for milk and bananas. As I was getting bananas, an elderly lady wheeled up in her scooter and asked me for help. I got her the bananas she asked for and she turned to my girls and waved to them. The bear cub waved back and the lady said, "Oh what a beautiful Mongoloid child!"

I started to correct her, "She's not Mon.."

"Dear, I'm a nurse or I was before I retired in 1974, and I know a Mongoloid when I see one."

"She has Down syndrome. It isn't acceptable to use the term Mongoloid anymore. It's offensive." I told her.

"Everything has changed so much." She was shaking her head as she wheeled away.

One thing is true though, the bear cub sure is beautiful.

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  1. Ha, thank you for the laugh. At least she was well meaning. And yes, your daughter is beautiful :)