Monday, December 19, 2011

5 Things I Don't Like

1. Lately there has been a lot of fanfare about Elf on the Shelf. I read this, which is talking about the holiday tradition gone overboard. Personally I find him creepy and I can only imagine the screaming the nerdlet would do each day as she saw him and thought he was watching her.

2. Another thing that seems to be wildly popular but I've never understood the draw of is the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I read somewhere that the movie is better if you watch it with the though that the whole thing takes place in the friend's head, but I haven't been willing to watch it again to see.

3. White Chocolate. Yuck.

4. Snow. It's really the cold I dislike so much. Being cold is physically painful for me and not just uncomfortable. Last year when San Antonio had its first real snow in like 20 years (enough to collect and actually make snowballs and small snowmen), I was not even tempted to go outside. Q took the girls for brief jaunts to play in it. Even when I was little I wasn't really tempted to go play in the snow and only went if I was forced outside. I went on a single ski trip about a decade ago and was afraid I would be miserable and while I enjoyed myself, I will admit to not wanting to extend any of my time outside.

5. The People of Wal-mart Meme. I hate these posts/emails with a passion. Can't these poor people just be left alone?

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  1. I have to agree with you about the Elf on the Shelf. Creeeeeeeepy... I think Samantha would get very, very upset if it changed locations one night, and I certainly don't have the heart to do that to her.

    I haven't seen Ferris Beuler's Day Off since...oh...I guess when it came out. It was funny, but I didn't think it was *all* that.

    And I also agree about the People of WalMart. There's something pretty disturbing about making fun of people the way they are. I guess I've just gotten more sensitive over the last 5 1/2 years...