Friday, December 2, 2011

Open Flower Scarf

During our trip west last month, my mom saw a scarf of my aunts that she wanted replicated. Today when I was at JoAnne's, the bear cub fell in love with a skein of yarn. She carried around like a stuffed animal and rubbed it against her face and hugged it through the whole store. Since it was obviously going home with us, I figured that I should go ahead and make my mom's scarf from the yarn. My aunt doesn't remember where she got the scarf and I googled a bit trying to find the pattern, but since I never found one even remotely similar I went ahead and made one.

This isn't a final version as I can see a number of areas for improvement, but it is quite similar. My aunt's version could also be used as a belt and my version here could only be used as a belt for someone size 4 or smaller. I used a size I hook and I think if I make it again I would use a size G. I also think that I would try to find something to stabilize the center better (though a version that I unraveled that had open spaces in the petals of the flower held its shape better). My mom suggested the rubbers rings that are used to seal canning jars. Also, there were 21 strings of chains instead of my 11 chains.

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