Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good-bye 2011


Darth Baby signs mama and I actually get it in a picture.


The bear cub stands independently for 15 seconds and takes her first independent step. We had real snow, enough to actually collect.


The nerdlet threatens to run away for the first time. Darth Baby holds herself in a sitting position for the first time. I saw 'Wicked' in the theater.


I start Darth Baby on solids. This was a big month for all of us being sick with a number of different things.


My older nephew graduated from high school and my younger nephew had his first communion. The bear cub learned to sip from a straw cup. So did Darth baby. Darth Baby starts rolling over. The neighbor's tree knocks off pieces of our roof. The bear cub starts walking a few steps at a time. The nerdlet, Q, and I went to the beach for Mother's Day.


Suki (my younger dog, age 9) had a huge cyst removed from her butt. I made a bib pattern. The nerdlet finally hit 25 pounds. The bear cub went to the beach for the first time and shows that she can eat yoghurt with a spoon.


Darth Baby was baptized and starts climbing. The bear cub starts walking full time and we start potty training her. I had my first sewcation.


Darth Baby starts crawling. She also starts pulling to a stand and she got her first tooth. The National Down Syndrome Convention was held in San Antonio and I learned a great deal and got to meet with a number of online friends for the first time. The bear cub ends up in the ER from a fall but was fine and was shown to not have AAI.


Baby starts standing independently, cruising, and taking steps. After so many months without any rain, we finally get some again. The nerdlet has her first roller coaster ride and loves it. The bear cub inherits some Sure Steps and starts walking everywhere without issues.


Darth Baby starts walking. The swollen lymph node in my neck is tested and turns out to be solid lymph tissue. Darth Baby starts tries meat for the first time, decides she likes eating after all, and starts self feeding.


The girls and I go with my mom to visit relatives in El Paso, Yuma, and Las Angeles. The girls see their first movie. The new roof is finally done. The nerdlet gives herself a haircut.


Plumbing issues again. Washer and dryer break down and have to be replaced. The bear cub's first eye surgery is scheduled. Darth Baby starts speaking words other than Mama and Daddy. She says cat, dog, up, bye-bye, and this.

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