Friday, December 30, 2011

Ottobre 6/2011-3

Over Christmas at my mom's, I was lucky enough to have time to trace a few patterns for the bear cub. Her measurements are all over the place with her waist and hips at newborn size (56), her torso length longer than the nerdlets (98), and her height at 86 cm. For this sweater, I made a straight 92 and just shorted the sleeves 1 1/2 inches. When I make this again, and I most surely will, I will shorten the sleeves less and take some of it out of the cuffs.

She really liked this and giggled as I put it on her and tried to help me get it on faster. Also, she wouldn't let me take it off of her even though it is 74 degrees in the house (~23 Celsius). It fits her great and it is now the only long sleeved item that fits her well and it will be very warm as it is lined.

The nerdlet was quite jealous and has asked for her own, but that will likely not be happening as on cold days she insists on her short sleeved dresses and often ends up taking her stockings off, but I did let her try it on before I finished it.

Just a final note, this sweater probably would only take an hour to make if you are alone. With three young girls it takes 10 hours, not including tracing the pattern off.

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