Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm grateful for finding new authors that I enjoy reading. I'm currently reading Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. I only started reading him because he picked up The Wheel of Time series when Robert Jordan died. I am enjoying his writing style quite a bit. Two other authors that I have been enjoying that are new to me are Julie Kenner and Moira J. Moore. All three authors listed here are fantasy, but normally I read everything.

When I was pregnant with the nerdlet and afterward, I read every book in the library system on pregnancy and parenting. One of the things that stuck with me that was in a lot of the books was how new mothers become resentful of some of the things new fathers said about things that they missed that new mothers hadn't even had time to thing about, like a new father might say he missed going out for drinks with the guys or a game of golf while a new mother missed having five minutes for a shower. What do I find that I miss most? The ability to find time to read. Somehow I'm managing to still find some time to read, but I used to average about 200 books a year and now it is closer to 50, and I imagine with 3 it will go down even further.

Feel free to recommend any authors in any genre you read.

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