Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful for people that care

Click here for a link to plea for saving Baby Doe.

The agency that has control has put a DNR on this baby in Arkansas. The Down Syndrome Community wants so much to save him and is looking for an advocate to represent him until paperwork can be processed for him to be adopted. Please, please help anyway you can, including prayers, helping finding out the name of the agency, and contacting the governor of Arkansas ( There is no reason for this baby to die. I have included a portion of a letter to the governor if you have a hard time finding to words to include in a letter of your own.

I am requesting intervention from you in regards to Baby Doe, an infant that was supposed to be adopted but was left behind at Arkansas Children’s Hospital by the prospective parents. The agency that is in control has a DNR on this baby that was born with Down syndrome and because of this the baby is not receiving the care that he needs so that he lives long enough for paperwork to be processed for adoption. There are multiple families willing to adopt this child. In the interim while adoption issues are worked out, this child needs a guardian ad litem appointed to protect him. Please do what you can in order for the agency to remove the DNR and the child can receive the life saving efforts that any newborn deserves.

In your letter, please include that this baby boy is in Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Also include that fact there is a DNR that was placed by the adoption agency and that a DS adoption network has already identified multiple families that are willing to adopt this child. In the interim while adoption issues are worked out, this child needs a guardian ad litem appointed to protect him.

I would love to bring this baby home to our family, but the adoptive family needs to be homestudy ready and in Arkansas. There are multiple families willing to adopt this child working through their DSAs and the courts, but the paperwork still takes time and that DNR is an evil obstacle in the way.

I am grateful to the many that I know that have already written letters and said prayers for this boy and I am grateful for those that upon reading my plea will add their voices. Thank you so much!

*edit 11/22/2010 Official update on behalf of the Arkansas Down Syndrome Association:

Dana McClain, esq. a representative of the the protection and advocacy system for the state of Arkansas has looked into this matter, and based upon the information has been able to confirm as true and factual, at this time, is confidant that ACH is providing medically appropriate care, there is no DNR, and there is a competent guardian in place for the child.


  1. Letters to the governor can also be cc'd to the hospital personnel below. This should get the hospital's attention immediately so the baby will receive ULTIMATE great care.

    The hospital main line said to send emails to but list out the recipient’s names in body of email.
    Jonathan R. (Jon) BatesPresident, CEO and Director
    Arkansas Children's Hospital
    Dan McFaddenDirector of Communications
    Arkansas Children's Hospital

  2. Poor little guy...I hope this works out for the's upsetting that they treat Ds as a DNR situation, doesn't make sense.

  3. Just wrote my letter to the mayor! How heartbreaking, I pray, pray, PRAY that the mayor can intervene and the world won't miss out on the beautiful gifts this little baby has in store for us in time to come.