Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful for my family

I was going to post how thankful I am that my husband is not self-conscious, but instead I am reminded again of how wonderful my husband and my in-laws are. I'm am so thankful that I have great in-laws, understanding and not quick to judge. I was pretty worried about this holiday season because we always spend one of the big ones (Thanksgiving and Christmas) with one side of the family and one with the other. This year, because of Darth Baby and my unwillingness to be too far from the hospital, we are staying put at home. I'm thankful that both sides of my family are taking it in stride and not blaming either me or Q for this decision but understanding the reasoning behind it. I'm so glad that family decisions aren't made into big deals outside our immediate family. I'm also grateful how wonderful of in-laws my family and my mom's family make.

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