Monday, November 29, 2010


I am grateful that all of my family's and my needs are taken care of to the point that the only reason that I ever feel the lack of any extra income is when I want to help others. I do wish right now that we had the extra funds to help so many that I know in need, but it is a great blessing that I am worried about others and their children and not my own.

I am also grateful that Darth Baby seems to be doing well. We had a perinatologist and an OB appointment today and she is doing fine. I am only around 2 cm dilated and barely effaced so we think she is going to hang tight for a while. With my first two, I was completely effaced at this point and starting to dilate and I am only days away from how long I carried the bear cub. Darth baby has a strong heartbeat. She did well on the NST. My blood glucose numbers are really well controlled (average of 78). So everything is looking good right now. I have my next two appointments in a week where I'll get another ultrasound to estimate size and check on her again.

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