Monday, November 8, 2010

Costco Rules!

I am thankful for Costco. It sounds very superficial, I know. My nerdlet loves Costco. She has argued with my MIL that she wanted to go to Costco instead of the toy store. The other day she asked to go to Six Flags and when I told her that Six Flags was not open right now, she immediately asked, "Is Costco open?" We use it as a bribe, "If you take a nap, we'll go to Costco when you get up" and it works. We don't even have to buy anything. She goes to see the seasonal items (right now the Christmas lights and ornaments) and the flowers. She goes for the samples. I'm pretty sure she will eat anything given to her in a little paper cup. She likes to run through the cold room seeing what fruit and veggies they have. Today she was a little disappointed because they didn't have strawberries or broccoli.

I'm rather fond of Costco myself. When I'm not pregnant, I go on Tuesdays because that is when new books are released and they are discounted much higher at Costco than the bookstore. Q and I are rather fond of Adele's chicken sausages and they are much cheaper than at HEB. I probably wouldn't go as often if it wasn't so close (2 miles, if that), but I'm really glad they are.

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