Friday, November 5, 2010

Crafts and sewing

I'm so thankful that I live in a day and age where I so many arts and crafts are available to me. I love my sewing machine and my serger and my quilting machine. I love that I can play with fabric. I love that I can play with glass and paints and wood in so many ways.

I think of my grandmother who was very intelligent and creative, but she was born the eleventh of twelve children to a poor Mexican copper miner in Morenci, AZ, before it even became a state. She married young and had her first of fifteen children at age 16. Despite having to be a mother so young and to so many children, she still found a way to be creative with sewing by hand and crocheting. She would have loved to be able to play with half of the tools for creativity that I have stashed all over the house. She would have been amazed to see me toss a piece of my daughter's clothing in my sewing machine and embroider a flower on it in less than 10 minutes. My grandmother is the one that finally taught me to crochet after everyone else turned me down (attention span of a bumblebee, little social ability, and no sense doesn't really make for the ideal student, especially one that is still a child). I'm so grateful for her and the path that she led me down for it was the first of many crafts that have brought me joy.

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