Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankfulness Day 2

Today I'm especially grateful for my superb in-laws. Seriously, my in-laws are wonderful. They are helpful and patient. They are understanding of the nerdlet and my temperaments and that we are slightly different from the rest of the group. They have accepted me from the beginning (maybe too much so in some cases).

They have never given me or the bear cub any negativity towards the fact that she has an extra chromosome and have given lots of positivity. The most I have to complain about in regards to the trisomy is that maybe they aren't as big of advocates as they could be.

They understand that my girls and their cousins are the most important thing in our lives. They would never do anything actively to endanger them and they wouldn't allow anything to happen through their inaction. I also LOVE that they are willing to include Little Miss, my sister, R's daughter in this group.

I'm so lucky to have them and I only wish that my other family members, like my mom and sister could have been as lucky.

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  1. this is awesome kimberly! what a lovely tribute to your in-laws! glad you have their support!