Thursday, November 4, 2010


One of the things that I'm really grateful for is the Down syndrome community and how wonderfully supportive they are in general. I'm really glad that I finally decided while looking for something to do while pumping milk for the bear cub was to join Facebook. The large majority of my facebook friends are parents of children with Ds. I also have a few friends that actually have Ds and they are an inspiration to me in regards to my bear cub. I learn so much about what is available in new research, what problems to prepare for when she starts school, what new toys or existing toys help are kids, and what books people have found most helpful. I also love that some of my friends are advocates like you couldn't believe. One particular individual posts links in regards to people with Ds daily, flies around the world as an advocate, and even dyed her hair pink to bring awareness to more people. I get the pleasure of seeing photos and videos of people enjoying life as they should and it brings such joy to me to view them.

Q was telling me that while listening to NPR he learned that a lot of people are blaming facebook and text messaging on breakups of their relationship. It is a tool that can be used for good or ill, and the Ds community certainly uses it for good. I think it should be obvious that if your significant other cheats on you and is using facebook or texting assist them, that the media isn't the cause. People tend to show their negative side more when they aren't face to face. Even within the Ds community you occasionally see negativity, but it is rare and not a lot of people I know get caught up in it. In general, in my life, the facebook Ds community has been a wonderful thing for me and the people that have welcomed me to view the pieces of their lives and share in the ups and downs of raising a child with Ds has immeasurable value. I can only hope that I give others reason to be grateful for this community, also.

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  1. Oh you do! You do! I agree with everything you wrote!!! Our community rocks PERIOD. Sooo happy to have "met" you and I am hoping to meet you IRL next year at convention. :)