Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Advocates for Ds

Today I have the first transition meeting for the bear cub to enter preschool. She is 31 months and the school will pick her up when she turns 3. I was trying to be optimistic about it since I do know people that it has gone well for, but I'm already having problems with the administration in that I received a phone call saying that she was too young, even though I know that children younger than her will be at that meeting today. That was cleared up. (I think. We'll find out when I get there.) I also had a few issues with their pre-registration form, which I think is really poorly designed and it doesn't have any explanations to guide you. Apparently, they don't believe that ASL is a language, which irritates me, and while the state took the 'r' word out of their vocabulary and abbreviations legally, this hasn't yet made it to the schools (or at least their forms).

Anyway, hopefully it will go smoothly. I bought a fancy digital recorder and made sure that I know how it works. I'll make sure to have a snack on my way in so that I don't turn into a grouchy mama bear when I need to be pleasant. I also am going to go with a friend to hers for support so I'll be getting a small preview of what to expect for mine which is shortly after.

So today I'm especially grateful for all the advocates that came before me: Those parents that fought so hard to not put their kids with Ds in institutions; The mothers that fought for their sons and daughters to be included in the regular schools, in regular classes, and receive the same instruction; The fathers who fought for the laws to change and give our kids the legal equality they deserve; The people with Ds that worked so hard to show that they are more alike than different and that they can achieve the same things that their peers without Ds can; and All those who know and love someone with Ds that have fought for those loved ones and given them and their families the support they needed to accomplish these feats. I'm am not unaware of how hard a struggle it was and while it isn't over I am so very grateful to have their shoulders to stand upon. I know that because of all of these people, my bear cub is going to have a real chance of meeting her potential and knock the socks off of those that think that people with Ds can only be busboys and dishwashers.

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  1. good luck! i'm hoping for a good report! and how is asl not a language? i bet the teachers know the basics even if the administrators don't. that's crazy!