Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Zoo

I'm grateful that Q took some time off to spend with us and that there were lots of animals active at the zoo. Normally most of the animals are either sleeping or hiding behind things, but today was really good for seeing them up and moving around.

The rock squirrel isn't an actual exhibit. They are everywhere in the zoo. This was in the Cassowary's home.

The wattled crane reminds me of a crane crossed with a turkey.

The crested porcupine

The red kangaroo

The cassowary

Warthogs. Sometime this summer, there was a girl around five or six running towards them all excited and when she got there she yelled to her parents, "They're soooo beautiful." I thought that was great.

Sumatran Tiger. We go to the zoo a lot and this is the very first time that I've seen him active or close and he was both.

Speke's gazelle


This lioness seemed to get up from sleeping just so I could take a picture.

This jaguar's cell mate is currently in the San Diego zoo being mated. He seems really lonely.

Dama gazelle

The okapi. I love this animal. He is one of my favorites, but I never can seem to get a good picture of the ones they have.

Red river hogs

Reeve's muntjac

Last but not least are the nerdlet's favorites, the flamingos. I think these are Chilean flamingos.

These aren't anywhere near all that I took, but some of the better ones.

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