Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last year I made an entry every day about what I was thankful for. I was thinking that I didn't really feel up to it this year and that I wouldn't be online the whole month to do the entries anyway. I wasn't feeling particularly grateful and after thinking about it a little bit I decided that this was probably one of the best things that I could do for myself right now.

I'm going to start the month off for being grateful for healthy eating. I'm grateful for Greenling, where I can have fresh produce delivered to my door every week that is local and organic. While I will absolutely not pay $120 for an organic free-range turkey, I do feel that they give me a good value for what I do buy. I'm also grateful that my girls are picking up good eating habits from watching me and being offered such healthy choices. My husband and I were extremely picky eaters and I'm loving that my girls are willing to eat the fruits and vegetables that I offer them.

I did a quick list of what I was grateful for last year. I don't promise to not have any repeats, but in case you are interested, here it was.

1. Good Pregnancies
2. The shaping of the past
3. Arts and Crafts
4. My mom
5. Being Female
6. Costco
7. Benefits that the Bear Cub receives
8. Places that are GD friendly
9. Being a Military Brat
10. People tolerant of me
11. Beautiful Weather
12. My In-laws
13. Ultrasounds
14. Good Authors
15. San Antonio
16. Chocolate
17. Husband allowing me to sleep
18. People that care
19. Air Conditioning
20. Baby Doe's DNR was lifted
22. Hubby and good self-help books
23. Waning OCD
24. Cleaning supplies
25. Thanksgiving as a holiday
26. That Thanksgiving went well despite issues
27. The relationship between my hubby and mom
28. Lack of censoring from my parents of what I was exposed to
29. Sufficient income and security
30. Thanksgiving leftovers

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