Saturday, November 26, 2011

Make Up and Sibling Rivalry

For the nerdlet's birthday, she got a gift certificate for Toys R Us. I told her she could get anything in the store that it would cover and I was unsurprised when she headed straight for the arts and crafts kits. I was, however, very surprised when she picked up the box of children's cosmetics and insisted that that was what she wanted. I tried hard to convince her of anything else but she kept insisted on her 'treasure box of beautiful'. I made her carry it and explained that she could get it but would not be allowed to paint everything at her whim and only would be able to use it at specific supervised times. Right as we were deciding to leave she told me she wanted to put it back and picked up a watercolor book and some watercolors. A few days later she decided to spend the rest of her gift certificate on what she calls a dirt truck, but is a Caterpillar toy bulldozer. So yesterday I was extremely grateful to have missed the four-year-old with makeup bullet.

Today I am grateful that my girls do not fight over things. I was reminded today by the nerdlet's godmother's husband how rare this is. My girls get along so well and have pretty much from the beginning that I've started to take it for granted. All three of my girls are pretty good at sharing with each other and I'm a super lucky mama to have children that play together well.

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