Sunday, April 28, 2013

Burda 06-2011-111 Zipper Side Pocket Tutorial

I made another pair of Burda 06-2011-111 shorts.  I have temporarily misplaced the magazine, but I had the  pattern that I traced with my adjustments and in my previous makes of these shorts, I did not place the invisible zipper and pocket on the same side.  I remember the instructions being incredibly confusing, so I thought I would post how I did it.  I did make one mistake that doesn't affect the tutorial and if you figure out what it is, you get a bonus prize (to be determined at the time someone actually figures it out).

First I sewed the front to back at the inseams and sewed the sides together through the crotch as is standard.

Then I serged the edges of the four pocket pieces and four sides of the shorts.  I placed the first pocket piece right side to the right side of the front side of the shorts.  I marked a line on the pocket piece for the side seam of the shorts will be.

I sewed along the drawn seam line making a 90 degree turn at the bottom of the pocket, and I cut to the corner of the right angle.

I flipped the pocket to the wrong side and pressed.  This fabric doesn't press well.

I then turned the shorts so that the wrong side was up and placed the other pocket side right sides together and sewed around the pocket keeping the front of the shorts free of the stitching.

Turning the shorts over, this is how it looks.  That is, the pocket is now attached to the front piece of the shorts and you can now treat it as one piece.

Sew the waistband pieces together and attach them to the shorts.

Sew the invisible zipper to the shorts front along the seam line in front of the pocket.

Sew the invisible zipper to the back of the shorts.

Then you have the finished invisible zipper (here half open so that you can see it more clearly) and the side pocket all on the same side.  I also understitched the pocket so that it wouldn't flip out since this fabric doesn't press well.


  1. Thank you! I was looking for more help with this and your pics were perfect!

    1. All my pics are backward though as my pocket ended up being pressed forward. Keep that in mind when you do it.