Friday, April 26, 2013

Day of Spoiling

Today was a day of ups and downs.  I'm focusing on the ups because I feel very spoiled.

Every year, my mom asks me what I want for my birthday and Christmas and I have no answer.  Then she asks Q and he has the same answer.  After a number of years of this my mother decides she needs to buy me something to make up for the missed years of gifts and I get something really, really good and she says it's for both of us, which this time translates to big gift for me, and Q gets things as I make them using it.  This is what I drove to Austin to pick up today.
That is a heavy duty sewing machine and heavy duty serger.  Cool, huh?  Remember my thick cloak that I said I wasn't going to every finish?  Now, I sort of feel like I have to.

While picking this up, I managed to lock the keys to the van in the car.  Then I panicked and realized that I have no idea what to do in this situation.  I have always worried about locking the keys in the car with the girls in there and I knew I would just break a window in that case, but as the girls, my MIL, and I were all outside the car, this wasn't really necessary.  After calls to my mom and Q and USAA, it was straightened out and we got back into the car and went to eat and a visit to Austin TexStyles, where I picked up some cool fabrics.
 For myself, I picked out two lovely knits.  The ITY knit on the left I plan on making a wrap dress and the cotton jersey on the right a blouse of some sort.
 The nerdlet picked this woven out.  I'm going to try to find an Ottobre dress pattern for her that suits it and if not, it will be the standard dress that is usually made for her.

Then after a congested drive back into San Antonio where Fiesta is going on, we returned to my in-laws and my FIL gave me a new lens for my camera.  My MIL and I played with her new generic ruffler for the Brother which is extremely similar to the brand name one that costs four times as much (and which I own) and I brought the girls home.

I found on my doorstep a box from my cousin, who sent me fabric!
Those top two left fabrics are stretch denim, which should be perfect for trying out my new machine, and is also good because I am in dire need of shorts.  The cupcake fabric is a woven of unknown content, but I suspect it's a cotton poly mix based on the feel and the wrinkle resistance.  The last two are ITY knits and I think that I might just stack my next knit pattern choices with these and make two of whatever is next because I know that I'll enjoy wearing these regardless of what they turn into.

Now, I need to pack my previously planned projects and replace them with new ones.

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