Thursday, April 18, 2013

The News

Everyday I get more and more frustrated with the media.  I wish there was a channel/website for me for news.  It would have bills considered and whether they passed or failed.  It would tell me who voted for what and maybe their reasoning.  It would give me information on how to help certain causes without my having to search through pages of a google search I did myself.  It would tell me when people were killed or disappeared, especially overseas.  It would tell me what books are coming out and not just one or the expected bestseller and when.  After any politician's quote it would do a snippet about how true it was (in the vein of politifact and not snopes).  There would be complete science update each week that included all areas of science.  It would still give me the weather, classifieds, street projects, and the like.  It would tell me of the events and things to see and not focus on television and movies.  It would not mention any personal items or opinions of actors or actresses.  My news would probably include patterns and reviews of sewing machines, but I realize that isn't likely to be popular enough to make any cut.  It would have news articles about wonderful people doing wonderful things.  I know that there is a myriad to choose from that the media is currently choosing none.  It seems that each day the media veers further and further away from what I want and into the abyss.

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