Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ottobre 3/2012/17

Ottobre 3/2012/17 has given me nothing but trouble.  

I cut out the fabric for Ottobre 3/2012/17 in size 98 some time ago.  The first issue that I had was that this green apparently does not exist in thread anywhere on the planet.  Not only that, but no lighter or darker shade of it exists, either.  They all are too blue or too yellow or have too much gray in them.  The second issue I had was that my machines don't like it at all.  In attempting to do a rolled hem on the sleeve pieces I managed to rip holes in a number of them before finally getting some whole pieces.  These aren't perfect in the rolled hem, but when the next issue of this being a zero stretch knit came to my attention, I decided that it wasn't worth it to keep trying for a t-shirt that none of the girls might be able to wear.  If it fits over the bear cub's head, she will be the only one to be able to wear it and that is because she is a natural contortionist and can twist her arms so that she can get out of almost anything.

The front

The back

I really like this pattern and I'll try it again with a different, stretchy knit in the future.  If this version is wearable, I'll edit this post to add a picture of the bear cub in it.

Edit:  Pictures!

I'm not sure how long she'll be able to wear it though as it barely fit over her head.  I'm also thinking that when I make it again, I might trace a larger size.

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