Sunday, April 21, 2013

McCalls 6035 Another version and size

I finished the 18D for our babysitter that I made that was a little snug for me to wear in public.  Ideally, I think her size would be a 18C or more likely a 16D, but I didn't actually measure her.  I finished the bodice because I didn't want to waste the bodice and I had enough fabric for another collar, sleeves, and cuffs, and I thought it would be fairly close to her size.  This is the same fabric as my previous shirt, but the pictures are better and you can see the fabric better.

I made a small mistake with one of the sleeves and when I went to trim, I ended up cutting a fairly large triangle out of the underside of the sleeve.

Nice, huh?  My first thought was to just make the shirt sleeveless and just finish the arm openings, but I decided that I really wanted to finish the shirt with the sleeves.  At that point, I could either use a different fabric for the sleeves or I could patch the sleeve.  I decided to patch it.  So I'm going to show you how I did that.

First, I found a scrap slightly larger than my hole.

Normally I would interface the area, but I didn't want the sleeve to be stiff and uncomfortable.  I tried to match up the grain and pattern, not because it shows because it doesn't, but so that the sleeve would still move naturally.  I sewed it very close (about 1/16 of an inch) to the cut.

Then I trimmed the inside of the sleeve close to my stitching.

I put the machine on a short, wide zigzag stitch.

I zigzagged over all the stiches and trimmed the sleeve to be the same size as before I butchered it.

Here is what it looks like sewn in.

And how it sits when on.  It cannot be seen when her arm is down.

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