Thursday, April 25, 2013

McCall's 6035 Version 3

I made my last version of McCall's 6035 for a while, but I'll likely make more later as I really like this, though I know it probably isn't fashionable.  Anyone that knows me or has been following this blog for a while has likely already figured out that I'm not exactly in tune with the height of fashion.  It isn't exactly a new thing for me.

I actually didn't care that much for this fabric (another Tutti Frutti) when I bought it, but it matched the others and I'm making a sort of lavender set for the next set of family pictures. Now, though, I've actually become quite fond of it.

When I made my next set of adjustments, I put a little tuck in the pattern under my breast.  I made a note of where the bottom of my breast was and I took a little out of the pattern.  I took less than 1/2 inch and it made a huge difference.  I also added about an inch to the center piece at the same spot to preserve the right length.

The new pattern piece is on top.

This is at an angle that emphasizes what this change does.  I was a little worried that I would ruin the shirt, but I think it was an experiment that turned out well.  

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