Friday, April 19, 2013

McCall-s 6035

This is McCall's 6035.  It's one of those patterns that has different cup sizes.  Those cup sizes are A/B, C, and D and I'm a DDD, so it wasn't like I shouldn't have known that I needed to adjust the pattern.  I thought maybe I could make the 18 D instead of adjusting the 16 to a DDD, but it didn't work out and I had to draw out the pattern with more adjustments.
 I made some of my normal adjustments, but not all of them.  I took out an inch in length above the bust and I straightened out the shoulders 1/2 inch.  While I could squeeze into it, it would not be pretty, so the babysitter is going to get a shirt out of it (though I'll have to cut out some sleeves and a new collar for her shirt.  

I didn't do a typical FBA to this at all.  Because I really just needed about two inches at the bust, I redrew the front side panel to come out an inch further without adding any length.  I just marked an inch further and changed the slope to reach that point.  I also doubled the buttons.  The fabric is that tiny pink and white plaid cotton from  This was the result.  

The arms are a little tight and I think this is because I took a vertical inch out of them and they hit a little higher than they would otherwise.  It's a little loose around my torso (as in who needs over 5 inches of ease?), but I actually like that as I think when it's more fitted that the size of my chest is a little too obvious.  I think the wrinkles are mostly because of my trying to take the picture one handed and still face forward.

When I make this again and I will, I only plan to change a little.  I most likely will choose a different collar.  If I use the same sleeve, I'll add 1/2 inch to the width around.  I might change the curve of the princess seam right above the chest, but I actually think the fit is pretty good.  

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