Sunday, April 14, 2013

Simplicity 2265

I bought Simplicity 2265 recently at one of the pattern sales, where because I bought 7 patterns for $1 each, I supposedly saved $95, except that I wouldn't probably buy any patterns at full price as I often have to do a lot of work to modify them to fit and would likely draft them.  

I decided to make view B, which actually in the pattern directions seems kind of like an afterthought.  There isn't even a picture of it in the pattern work drawings.  I thought it was a paper bag type dress from the picture, but it is actually petals sewn to the bodice front.

Simplicity 2265

 I really like this dress and how it came out, though I did stray a lot from the instructions.  I wasn't impressed with them anyway.  I love reading how people don't look at the instructions to make things.  I am not someone that just takes the pattern pieces and starts to sew (except for the Ottobre magazines where I don't have the English instructions).  I always read them and try to figure them out, and even if I don't follow them, I still follow along when I'm on similar steps.

I made the dress in a width of size 1 and a length of size 3, and the first thing that my mostly non-verbal Bear Cub said when I put it on her is, "It's too big" (which is one of Darth Baby's favorite sayings), but she's right, the dress straps don't stay on her shoulders well and the second that one of them edges itself off her shoulder, the whole dress starts to fall off her.  I'm going to have to take the bodice in two inches and I'll bring the straps in at the same time.  Also those petals fall right over.  I've already tacked them a few more times than the pattern asks for, and I'll be adding more tacks when I modify the dress.  I do think it's a lovely dress and would even consider making it again.

Once again, I had to catch the bear cub in motion.



  1. That is beautiful. If you really want to make it again, I'll take it in a size 5T, 4T, and 3T... lol :-)