Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dragon Biker Jacket

I was visiting my MIL yesterday, and she was lamenting the fact that her embroidered dragon that she made for a project she was working on came out all messed up.

I know.  It's tragic just how awful it came out, huh?  So what is a helpful daughter-in-law supposed to do?  I offered to take this glaring thread mess off of her hands, of course, so that she wouldn't have to look at it any more.

If you've been following my blog a while, you may remember that I made the bear cub Ottobre's Young Hero Jacket.  Those entries are here and here.  I thought it would make the perfect applique to the jacket.  Even though we are pretty much done with weather where the highs are lower than the 70s, it's pretty clear the bear cub will able to wear it at least one more year since the nerdlet has been wearing it upon occasion.  In fact, the nerdlet graciously volunteered to wear it while I photographed it.  I couldn't get her to straighten her arms so that it would lay a little flatter though (or even to stand still).


I also managed to leave her house with two other dragons that she had made.  I'm sure she's wondering right now what happened.  It's a good thing to have 3 majorly cute distractions running around non-stop when you  offer the kind of help I do.

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