Thursday, November 15, 2012

Darth Baby

Today I'm especially grateful for three things.  First I am grateful that my headache is starting to lessen to the point where it isn't at the front of my thoughts all the time.

Second, I'm grateful for having some one-on-one time with Darth Baby.  She and I rarely have time just the two of us and when we do I am usually so tired that we both nap.  My mom took the nerdlet for a few days to Austin and the bear cub is at school, so Darth Baby and I are having a blast.  We have done a little chase and tickle, some coloring, and some really fun cleaning of the little fridge (more fun for her than for me).  She is running around and singing and getting excited about any little thing, clearly enjoying her mom time.

Lastly I'm grateful that I discovered green smoothies and that I introduced them to Darth Baby early enough that she isn't thrown by the green of them (unlike my niece, the Drama Princess).  Darth Baby isn't a big veggie eater.  She likes green beans and pretty much anything else green is out, unless I throw it in the smoothie.  I drink a green smoothie almost every day and Darth Baby not only is willing to drink them, she will dance around and insist that I put some in a sippy cup for her.

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