Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rest Stops

I'm thankful for Texas rest stops.  They are always clean and well-kept and have decent parking separate for cars and trucks.  When we traveled through Arkansas, this was NOT true, and half the ones in Arkansas weren't even open.

There are two kinds of rest stops:  Texas Travel Information Centers and Safety Rest Areas. The Travel Information Centers have maps and local info, restrooms, picnic areas, water fountains, vending machines, and wireless internet (though I've not yet had an opportunity to use that).

The Safety Rest Areas are even better.  While they don't have wireless internet, they do have a myriad of other things:

  Air-conditioned and heated restrooms, as well as an assisted-use restroom
  Larger parking areas, with separated areas for cars and commercial trucks
  Information areas for weather and road conditions, maps, traffic-safety and upcoming regional events
  Office space for law-enforcement personnel
  Enhanced security, including surveillance cameras
  Tornado shelters
  Walking and interpretive trails
  Play areas for kids

It's just another reason that I love Texas.

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