Friday, November 9, 2012

Vogue Patterns

I'm thankful for a little thing that happened last night.  I went to Hancock's to pick up some zippers since they are half off through Monday hoping that they closed at 9 instead of 8, since otherwise I was just going to HEB for bananas and home.  They were open.  An employee had a box they had set down to answer another customer's question and when I peeked in it was all the new season's Vogue patterns.  Normally they wait until just after a sale to put out all the new patterns and it seems people buy my size before I get a copy. I bought 6, even though I rarely seem to have time to sew for myself lately.

V1182  Dresses like this are always flattering on me, but RTW never has room for my chest and show way too much cleavage.  Luckily I can fix those issues if I make it myself.

 V1327  While I find the twist at the top of this dress intriguing, I normally wouldn't have picked it up, but a blogger that always seems to make things I like put this on her wish list and so when I saw it, I went ahead and picked it up.

V1328  You really have to see the line drawings to know why I picked this one up, I think.  This picture isn't the same one as is on the pattern.  Hopefully my version won't look like my arms are put on backwards.

 V1333 I love the skirt and the top on this.  This is likely the first (and maybe only) of this bunch that I'll make.  I was tempted to trace and adjust the top last night.

 V8845  I don't really wear jackets, but I think I'd wear this one to shreds.  Unfortunately, a jacket is even more time consuming to sew than pretty much anything else I wish to sew.

V8848  This is another one where the picture doesn't really do the design justice and you have to see the line drawings.  I really like the drape and the extra seam lines (that you can't see here).  It's different enough that I  imagine it will take more time for me to figure out the construction.

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