Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ottobre Magazine

I'm so thankful that Ottobre Design Magazine exists.  This is a sewing magazine from Finland that specializes in children's and youth fashion.  Each magazine has about 40 designs all with patterns and instructions for the construction.  It comes out six times a year, four of the issues are solely for children from premies patterns to children as 170 cm (5' 7") and two of the issues for adult women (and possibly men, I only have 3 of the adult ones so far).  Also, if you go to their site linked above and choose a magazine, you can link to the line drawings of each of the patterns in the magazine as far back as I tried this.  I have a standing subscription to this magazine and because of this, they will ship my past issues that they have in stock with free shipping.  I'm slowing buying the older issue as I have the money starting with the issues geared to children.  Another nice thing that they have in more recent issues is that they have difficulty ratings on the patterns.  Also, the fit of these patterns on my children is much better than Big 4 patterns (Simplicity and McVoguerick).

I've made a number of their patterns and blogged about most of them on this blog (  I haven't labeled them all yet though, apparently.  I love that they have basics and cool things like the Biker Jacket.  Since getting these magazines, I have severely cut down on my purchasing of Big 4 kids patterns.  I just don't feel the need when I am sure that what I want will be in one of the Ottobre's and fit my girls much better.  I'm really glad that there are these magazines.

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