Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Public Library

Today, I am particularly grateful for the library.  I love the library and always have.  My mother used to threaten our library visits to get us to behave.  The San Antonio library is particular nice...now.  When I was in high school you had to travel from library to library to find a book I needed as San Antonio is filled with numerous tiny little libraries.  It was pretty miserable especially for research papers where you needed a number of books on a topic and you could spend all day traveling from library to library to find the ones you needed.  Now you can get online and reserve the books you want and they ship them to whichever library location that you want to pick them up, and you can return them to any other library location that you like.

If you don't know about Wowbrary already, I highly recommend that you check it out.  Each week they send me a list of all the books, music, and CDs that are being ordered by your local library with a link to reserve them from the library.  There are also links to Goodreads and Amazon to check out ratings and reviews.  Because of Wowbrary, I quickly found that you can only have 25 books on reserve at one time in the San Antonio library system.

Another very nice thing about a number of the local libraries is that there is an outdoor playground near a number of them.  The nerdlet's favorite outdoor playground is outside one of our libraries and she is very disappointed when I go for a quick run in and out to drop off or pick up books instead of our normal trips to browse.

Our libraries also have reading time which I took the girls weekly to until the bear cub started school.  They even threw a Halloween costume party for the little ones (though we didn't get to attend because we had a bad stomach flu that we were passing around at the time).  We have even enjoyed a musical concert outside our library during one visit.  There are a ton of open groups that meet at the library that I plan on taking advantage of once my girls are a little older, from book clubs to quilting groups to exercise classes.

I really love our library system and get a lot out of it.  I hope yours is as nice.

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  1. Samantha's favorite, favorite thing to do is to go to the library! We go every other Saturday to return her previous haul and to obtain a new one. For her, the threat of not going to the library would be devastating.