Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ottobre 6-2012-1

I need a good pattern for a long sleeve t-shirt for my bear cub to wear under her dresses so that she stays warm enough at school.  My mom suggests I buy size 3T long sleeve shirts and just shorten the sleeves, but really for them to fit well, I would really need to buy 6 month t's and lenthen them since her shoulders and torso are so narrow.  I really like the fit of the Ottobre 01-2005-12 t-shirt that I used for her Greatest American Hero top, but I don't really care to sew a zipper in each t-shirt since I'll have to make a number of them.

I chose a raglan sleeve because I really like the fit of the raglan sleeve sweaters that I made for the bear cub last year.  The pattern that I used here is Ottobre 6-2012-1, which is actually a onesie pattern that I cut off at the legs to make it a t-shirt.  I made it in size 92, with a width of 74, and an arm length of 86.  The sleeves are still unhemmed because I want to hem them to the bear cub's length.

Here is Darth Baby in the top.  She while thin is still considerably thicker around her torso than her sister, but while it is snug, it isn't too tight for her.  I made it out of crushed panne which I love and rarely have an excuse to make anything from.  Also, Darth Baby is not a morning person, unlike her two sisters.

Edit:  I made a second shirt since Darth Baby went to sleep in the top above.  My machines all hated the knit fabric and I'm not sure why so I ended up sewing it on my regular sewing machine and zigzaging the hem.  It also has very little stretch so I was a little worried about the fit, but it seems that it turned out okay for the bear cub, but there is no way that Darth Baby will squeeze into this top.

First, lest you think I'm error free a picture of a mistake prior to seam ripping.

And the bear cub in various poses as she rolls across the floor.

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