Sunday, November 4, 2012

San Antonio

It seems every year I want to do a thankful post about San Antonio, but I really, really am.  I enjoy that November means beautiful weather (though I like the years with more rain) where I can still wear shorts and short sleeve shirts most days.  I love more people here are considerate than not.  It's great that we have a second growing season (I just harvested my first fall tomato).  I love that in San Antonio, I can buy bags of Sonic ice (I only just learned that this isn't true in all cities).  I love that because we live in San Antonio we could afford such a large and nice 'starter' home that has turned into our family home without being cramped.  I love being so close to my parents and Q's parents and that unlike Q and I, my girls get constant interaction with their grandparents.  I love living in a town that is family oriented and conservative, but still socially and environmentally progressive.  Every time I step out of San Antonio, I find more and more reasons to be thankful when I come back.

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