Saturday, November 10, 2012

Simplicity 4463 Take 2 - Piglet

The Pooh Bear costume that I made Darth Baby for Halloween has been extremely popular in this house.  All three girls want to wear it constantly.  So I've decided to make another.  This time I made Piglet for the nerdlet.  Instead of using the Piglet option, I again made the Pooh version, but changed the belly.  I even made the size two, but simply lengthened it to fit the nerdlet.

It's made of pink minky and the black stripes are piping.  I cut the darker pink minky in 3 1/2 inch strips and sewed the piping in until I had a piece long enough to fit the pattern piece.  The nerdlet is extremely pleased and asked me to put Darth Baby in the Pooh Bear costume so they could play (but alas, the other costume is in the wash again).  She wore this costume all morning until she started to overheat (It's in the 80s today).

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  1. Bear Cub needs to be Eeyore! Piglet turned out great :-)