Friday, November 16, 2012

Simplicity 4463 Take 3 - Eeyore

I just had to make Eeyore.  This one was made for the bear cub, but is being modeled by Darth Baby because the bear cub is a bit under the weather right now.  I love Eeyore.  I had a purple donkey that I called Eeyore when I was little.  He wasn't even close to looking like the real one and his purple wasn't a lavender, but closer to fushia, but I loved him all the same.  I couldn't find a lavender minky and decided to do this Eeyore in all blue instead of putting fleece on the belly.

 While she was more than happy to wear the Eeyore costume, she refused to hold the stuffed Eeyore and grabbed her Pooh.

I added a little view of the back because the tail is so stinking cute.  I had to shorten it because the pattern made it much longer than the leg and I didn't want her tripping over it.

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  1. Thats adorable!I have a cat named Eeyore,hes grey and kinda slow and grumpy lol.