Sunday, May 5, 2013

Curvy Quilts

I got a visitor this week.  Kathie Alyce of Waterfall Quilts came all the way from Vermont to bring me gifts.  (Well, it's possible that her son having a ceremony for his military training might have had something to do with it.)  I got her cool new templates, the squiggler and para block, and info on possible exciting upcoming block releases.

Here we are together.  She's lovely inside and out.

I already have copies of her other three blocks and if you haven't seen it already, here is one of the quilts I made with the 'S' curve block.

I also still have this that I made with the same block.  It's still in this state.  Sorry Kathie, for not showing this to you during the visit.

There is so much potential in all of her blocks.  If you buy and make something (or already have), I'd love a link or a picture sent so I can see them.

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