Friday, May 17, 2013

Tiramisu - Version 6

This version gave me some trouble and may end up being my pajama version.

 I used the wrong side of this purple rayon knit because the right side seemed slightly shiny to me.  The whole bodice  and waist part seemed really loose.  So I took some fold over elastic and stretched it tight across the under bust seam.  It was still gaping over so I just tacked that shut.

 That fixed those two problems, but then I noticed the rippling in the shoulders and the pocket areas where the interfacing was.  I say was because I decided to serge it right off since there was still room in the bodice.

While those problems were fixed, what you can't see is that my shoulder and armhole seams no longer align perfectly and the FOE is no longer one continuous piece. It might not be a big deal, but it bothers me enough that I might not wear it out of the house.

Notice that my bear cub is feeling much better and is now playing with the remote controls again.  It takes a lot to bring her down and after her first dose of antibiotics she started eating and drinking again and is ready to play.  She is a super trooper.  She has surgery scheduled to remove her tonsils and adenoids on the 29th and I'm hoping that she recovers fast from that, too.


  1. Hi Kimberly -- yes, it looks like this is one of those "not all knits are created equal" things! I'm pretty sure we can use one of these drapey rayon knits for the skirt part of the Tira, but I think the bodice, or at least the midriff, need something more stable. I'm marinating on interlining the midriff piece with a double knit to use a rayon for the rest... I'll get around to trying it one of these days! Also, Steph has a tutorial out for a Tira "tune-up" for if a less stable knit causes the bodice to grow...

    1. By the way, meant to say this color looks really great on you! And I'm glad your daughter is feeling better. :)

    2. I'll have to look for the Tira tune up. I though about interfacing the midriff when I was putting it together, but I didn't want it to be too stiff. I probably should buy some French fuse to have on hand for situations like this.