Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tiramisu - Version 7

I always knew it was just a matter of time until my girls attempted to influence my clothing choices, but I didn't realize that the age where they would start commenting on my choices was five.  The nerdlet decided that the black trim would be too boring. She wanted me to use pink, but when she couldn't find a pink she liked in my FOE stash, she decided that I should use white.  

I'm standing funny because I have Q and four girls (my three and my niece) in my shooting area and I apparently felt the need to twist around some for the picture.  I have actually been wearing this dress for hours and have just finished a meal, so it is nice to know that it holds it's shape and is still fairly attractive on me with a full stomach (though I am sucking in a bit).

I'm not sure that the white is better than the black, but I like it enough that I'll still wear it often.

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