Friday, May 17, 2013

Tiramisu - Version 5 - The Rorschach Version

Every once in a while, someone blogs about 'slow sewing' and a lot of times the implication is that those that sew quickly are careless and inaccurate.  I may be slightly defensive since I've always worked a little faster, learned faster, and tested faster and had this accusation thrown at me my whole life.  I'm actually very careful with my work, though I do look for ways to speed up efficiency whenever I can.  I'm hoping this dress will show the precision of my work.

I don't do stripes and I'm not that into chevrons either, but I do like deliberately chosen patterns, and being a quilter, I'm no stranger to fussy cutting.  When going through my fabric stash/collection to choose for more Tiramisu dresses, I decided that I wanted to use something with more color and also a pattern that might be good for this.  I picked up one at a recent Jo-Anne's sale of their red tag clearance items that I loved.
It's a cotton poly blend knit with much less stretch than the ITYs.  I was a little concerned about that, so I tried it on for size after each seam sewn.

 Here you can see my higher hip throwing off the center a smidge.

This is how the conversation with Q went.
Q:  That is really cool.  Definitely my favorite.
Me:  I think it's like a Rorschach test.  What do you see?
Q:  Hamburgers and french fries.
For some reason, he thinks it's funny whenever any makes reference to the Rorschach test to make it about food.

This is the first card in the Rorschach test.
 I see two baby piglets sucking on the bars of a motorcycle.  Anyone have an interpretation?


  1. This is my favorite of yours yet... I *love* that print "chevroned." Great colors, too! All the Rorschach tests look like bats to me. :D

    1. Thanks. I can see the bat but it took me a while to get there. It's funny how that sort of thing works.

  2. Wow! Just wow! Love the fabric you used here!!

    1. Thank you. I always have my eye out when I'm fabric shopping for a linear-ish fabric to do another one like this.

  3. This is fabulous! What a gorgeous print.

  4. Wow, that is an impressive print! And a fun dress.