Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jalie 2796 Skort

I finished my skort.  It was pretty easy to put together.  Since I already posted about how I make the change to eliminate the fold around the crotch, I'm not reposting it now, but if anyone is interested in see the pattern change let me know.  I didn't change the skirt part at all.  The whole thing is slightly shorter than the pattern because I sewed the waistband on to the skirt inside out and instead of unpicking the whole thing, I just cut it off.

It's kind of amazing to me what a difference fabric choice and a second layer of fabric can make.  It's not just the color (though the black helps), it really doesn't make me look as lumpy and gross, even without the skirt part.  This is so comfortable and I'll definitely be making some more.  I used nylon/spandex and the shirt is the same (though I didn't make the shirt).

My mom called me and wanted me to get my pictures up so I had her on the phone while I took the pictures.

When I make these again, I think I'll draft a back skirt piece that is assymetrical and comes down about an inch more on my back right side.  My higher hip is pulling the skirt up so much that the shorts show underneath on that side.

I did do one thing that I wonder if it will come back to haunt me.  I used my coverstitch machine to make the bottom pocket seam.  I've never used the coverstitch for any sort of weight bearing before so I don't know if it's a sturdy enough stitch for that.  I'll let you know if it is a fail.

On another note, the nerdlet saw the stripe shorts from my last post and immediately demanded to wear them, so that was kind of nice.


  1. I like that skort. If ever I decide to move myself again I might just make it. Great the bub appreciated your efforts.

    1. They are way more comfortable than I thought they would be. I also feel way less self conscious about wearing them than I thought.

      That one great thing about my girls right now. They always seem pretty appreciative. I imagine that might change when classmates start commenting on their clothing choices.

  2. What a useful and cute piece! I have a friend here who just made a skort, and now the power of suggestion from the both of you is making me think I need one too... ;)

    1. I ended up wearing it all day after taking the pictures (though I didn't end up going to the gym).