Sunday, May 5, 2013

More Shorts Using Burda 06-2011-111

I've been making shorts.  I wasn't even going to post them, but I made a pattern adjustment which resulted in a huge boost to the way they fit.

After the purple pair that I made recently, I decided that I could make them fit better since I can get in and out of those without using the zipper with no problem.  I cut off four inches (1/2 inch from each of the eight seams) and I realized that I really like a lot of ease in my shorts.  I can still get into them, but I'm not comfortable wearing them (physically they are pretty comfortable, but mentally not really).
Luckily, my cousin sent me plenty of this fabric and I'll be making them again.

Then I made the shorts in the same pattern size, but in this fabric, the crotch wrinkles that weren't that bad are much more noticeable.

And side and back

I did a google search and decided that I didn't really like any of the solutions that I found there since my wrinkles were much lower (almost at the legs) than the problems that solutions were posted for.  My issue was too much fabric on the legs at the beginning of the curve, but the actual curve of the pants fit really well.  Q and I actually joked about putting a dart across the front on both sides and trying to play it off as a intentional design statement.   Since that isn't really practical, I decided to take some of that out and so I cut off the curve to the front piece.  Then I slashed across the shorts from where I thought the problem was.  I overlapped the piece conservatively and taped it (I may go back and adjust it further).  I taped the curve that I cut off back on and turned it so that no fabric space was added.

Then I traced this again, drawing a line from the end of the curve to the bottom of the leg.  Here is my finished pattern piece beside the original piece.
And them overlapping with the new piece on bottom.

It's really amazing to me how such a little difference can make such a big difference.

I'm really happy with this and I hope it helps someone with a similar fitting issue.

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