Monday, May 13, 2013

Ottobre 03-2013-16

I finished making the nerdlet her dress from the rayon fabric that she choose at Austin TexStyles when we went two weeks ago. It's the Flower Hexagon dress from the most recent Ottobre magazine.

I made the size 92 and the length of 116, and while it fits her with space around her torso and lots of length, I'm not sure it's going to last her for the year I wanted because I'm noticing her shoulders are tight.  If I make this again, I'll have to use the shoulder width for a larger size (maybe 104) and keep the rest of the measurements the same.

I didn't have to tell her and she turned so I could take photos of these poses.

I think it's the first non-cotton article of clothing she's had other than Easter and Christmas dresses and she seems really happy with it.  It's at least going to be nice and light for the Texas summer.

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